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The elaboration of the Le Café des Artistes - Paris range and its development are the result of a close collaboration between Frederico Herminio, a coffee professional and a renowned master roaster whose manufacturing techniques are entirely artisanal, thus guaranteeing optimal quality.

For the creation of the Le Café des Artistes - Paris range, high-end coffee, quality monitoring is applied, starting with a rigorous selection of the best origins of the great Arabica crus from Central America.

The current artisanal roasting unit was founded in 1991 after the transformation of the old roasting created in the 19th century.
Since 1873, this roasting unit has established a long tradition of quality that continues today.

After selecting the highest quality coffee beans, the coffees are roasted in 12 minutes.
Then they are immediately ground and packaged to keep the aroma and quality of the coffee optimally.

This new procedure is possible thanks to the freshness valve, which allows the evacuation of the overpressure gases when the coffee is packed and prevents the penetration of ambient air into the sachet.
It is evident that this packaging procedure, which bears witness to advanced technologies, promotes the artisanal quality of coffee in all aspects.

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